Frequenty Asked Questions

You’ve got Questions? We’ve got Answers!

We have encountered these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from fans wondering what to expect at this year’s festival. The entire festival team is working hard to make the weekend a great time for everyone! We ask for your patience, understanding, and constructive feedback as we continue to grow this festival in Ardoise. Feel free to send us a message, or contact us by email at if you have concerns.

When can I bring my camper into the festival?

The festival gate opens at 10:00 am on Monday, July 22th 2024. As a reduced early bird camping fee has been arranged for festival goers, arrivals before Monday are treated as customers of BeechBrook Campground and are subject to normal camping rates. Festival organizers will be working hard to prepare the grounds leading up to the gate opening. Gate closes at 9:00 pm Mon-Wed and 10:00 pm Thurs-Sat.

Can I reserve my campsite?

Dry/rough camping lots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved. The limited number of service sites available directly through BeechBrook Campground are currently fully booked.

How can I camp with my friends?

Festival admission and parking is first come, first served. To guarantee a site next to your friends, please plan to arrive around the same time.

Can I save sites for my friends?

Up to 2 sites may be saved for someone arriving the SAME DAY. While we recognize that the festival is a social event and encourage friends to camp together, we must also create a fair process to avoid highly-desired campsites being indefinitely reserved early in the week, making them unavailable to other (paying) early-bird campers. Adjacent sites can be reserved beyond same day arrival by paying the applicable Early Bird camping fee and proof of Weekend pass.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Friendly pets with up-to-date vaccinations are welcome at your campsite and must be kept on leash. No pets are allowed in the performance area except for licensed service dogs. Exotic pets are not permitted. You must pick up after your pet.

Can I have a campfire?

Open fires are prohibited for dry/rough camping lots. Cookstoves, BBQs, and Propane firepits are permitted, however must be at least 10-inches off the ground, and you must have a fire extinguisher on your campsite. Please understand that BeechBrook Campground seasonal campers have permanent firepits installed at their site that may be permitted for use. Regardless, everyone shall adhere to municipal and provincial fire regulations and fire bans as applicable.

Is there water on site?

We ask that you arrive with enough water for your stay (water tank filled) to avoid over-taxing the campground’s well.

Can I dump my trailer?

BeechBrook Campground has a dump station on site. Those wishing to dump will follow the designated route to lineup with the dump station and join the queue. An attendant with pre-positioned septic and water hoses will be available to dump trailers on Sunday. Dumping fee: $20/unit payable to BeechBrook Campground.

Can I run a generator?

Generators may be run between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm. Please be respectful of your neighbours - excessively loud (e.g. construction grade) or smokey generators are prohibited. Patrons in dry camping sites requiring electrical devices over night (CPAP, etc) should plan to use batteries or alternate power sources and recharge them during the day.

Do you have handicap sites?

Yes! A limited number of handicap sites are available for patrons displaying a Handicap/Accessible Parking Zone Permit, Pass, or Plate. Likewise, a limited number of handicap day parking spaces are available. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate all situations. If you need help, or would like assistance please talk to a volunteer.

Can I bring my own golf cart or ATV?

No. For insurance and liability purposes, driving/riding of golf carts, ATVs, side-by-sides, etc within the festival grounds is limited to campground and festival staff while on duty. This does not apply to the use of mobility devices/scooters.

Is there seating?

Seating is outdoor music festival style - bring your favorite portable camp chair or blanket! Good festival etiquette is to allow others to sit in your chair if you are away - likewise, if you happen to be sitting in a chair that isn’t yours, be sure to immediately vacate when the owner comes for their seat!

What about showers?

There are coin-operated showers on site - $0.50 gets you 10 mins (bring quarters). The campground has Flush toilet facilities available on site, as well as a few outhouses and portable toilets Thurs-Sun. A laundromat is on site ($2 ea per washer, drier load, accepts loonies).

What if it rains? What if it’s hot? What if Frankie is wrong!?

There are 2 large 40’x35’ hexagonal tents, providing over 2000 square feet of shelter from rain and sun. Be prepared though - bring your umbrellas, rain jackets, sunscreen, and water to stay hydrated - it’s always hot in late July!

Is there a beer tent?

No. Alcohol is not served at the festival. Responsible consumption is allowed. Glass bottles are not permitted in the stage area.

I came in on a day pass but am having too much fun! Can I stay the night?

Day passes expire at midnight. Day pass holders who wish to stay overnight may visit the festival gate and pay the difference for an additional day pass, or a full weekend pass before the gate closes. Please practice responsible consumption and be prepared with a safe-drive plan.

Are there places to stay off site?

Local accommodations in the area fill up fast. There are hotel options in Windsor, a 16-minute drive from the festival grounds, plus other accommodations such as AirBnB and more are available. Check Google, tourism and hotel websites for more details.

Is there food on site?

You won’t go hungry at this year’s festival. We have several food vendors including the BeechBrook kitchen, with a variety of menu of options covering Breakfast through Dinner, as well as pizza, snacks, ice-cream, and more.

How late can I jam?

Jamming is an integral part of bluegrass festivals. Be respectful of your neighbours - late night disturbances that result in complaints are not cool.

How do I play guitar like Tony Rice?


Published: June 9, 2024

Updated: June 9, 2024